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An Overview of Rangefinder Binoculars

People from different walks of life have various outdoor activities, such as hunting, camping, mountain climbing orfishing. They also use essential and necessary tools or equipment, such as binoculars, hunting knives, fishing tools, gears and other equipment. Without the presence of these important tools, the outdoor activity might not be that successful. It is also a part of various outdoor activities to be prepared and bringing your own tool or equipment is a must.

One of the most and widely used tool or equipment when climbing up a mountain and even in a military drill or mission is the binoculars. It is indeed a must to have this binoculars, especially when you are at a distance or range.

What are Binoculars?

Binoculars are also referred as field glasses. This is constructed with 2 telescopes that are mounted and aligned side-by-side, pointing towards the same track. You use both of your eyes in viewing your target or object from a distant. The binoculars come in various sizes, depending on where you are going to use it.

There are various designs of binoculars. The Optical design samples are the Galilean binoculars, the Binoculars with the Keplerian Optics and the Optical Parameter built. The Mechanical design of binoculars comes with great focus, adjustment, stability of the image and the alignment.

Rangefinder Binoculars


Various styles and designs come with different coatings, such as anti-reflective, phase corrections, metallic mirrors and dielectric mirrors.

A binocular is used in different applications. It could be used generally, surveying lands, collecting geographic data, watching birds, hunting, finding the range, military and astronomical purposes.

Advantages of Using Rangefinder Binoculars

The Rangefinder binoculars usually have a scale to find ranges that allow an estimation of a particular distance from the object, especially if the height of the object is unknown or can be estimated.

For example, a common mariner at 7×50 scale of rangefinder binocular angled between a 5 mil mark, where 1 mil angle is marked between the 1m height of the object and at a 1000m distance. The distance is estimated by determining the distance from the object measured in meters, known height of the object and the object’s angular height in mil. It follows a certain formula and that is the distance from the object measured in meters divided by the object’s angular height in mil, and then multiply by 1000.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be for military or private operations, who are on a special mission and looking at an object or target, having unknown distance? It could have been better if they are going to use a rangefinder binocular for a more effective mission because they can get a more precise information regarding the target or object. This information is normally passed to other members of the team. So, it is very important to get a more accurate distance for the success of the operation.

Rangefinder Binocular Reviews

There are various rangefinder binoculars popular in the market today. It might be confusing to choose one for your special needs. So, we have here some of the best- rangefinder binoculars briefly reviewed.Continue reading

10 Things to Consider When Preparing For Your Softball Game

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Guide in Finding the best kayak cart on the market

Many people enjoy kayaking, especially those who lives near the ocean, lakes or rivers. Kayaking is one of the outdoor activities that individuals and couples enjoy because they sail along the water and they can also do fishing. Sometimes, they go out with friends or family members on weekends.

Now that summer has come, kayaking will surely come to rise. Having your own kayak is also a great advantage because you won’t be needing to get a queue and pay for kayak rentals. And then, if you have your own kayak, the only thing that you need to think about is moving your kayak from home to the shore.

But, that is actually not a big problem because you can always find a way to transport your kayak. Why don’t you get a kayak cart to help you move your kayak? This will be very helpful and give you less stress on the road.

Kayak carts are needed because it gives you the ease of transporting your heavy and bulky kayak. Another thing, the kayak cart is designed with wheels that allows your cart to move easily on the sand. Therefore, having a kayak cart requires you less effort in moving and transporting.



Types of Kayak Cart

  • Plug-in

It is designed with fixed wheels, light and stable.

  • Folding

It has a compact design that you can easily carry.

  • Strap

It comes with a strap, protecting the kayak when you are transporting it from one location to another location.Continue reading